Missouri Home Exposure
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Missouri Home Exposure LLC is a Veteran-Owned agency capturing photos and videos of properties in the Northwest Missouri Region.


why use a photographer

Homes marketed with professional photography sell faster and for more.


Studies by RedFin and the National Association of Realtors have shown that homes marketed with high-quality DSLR photos from a professional garnered 61% more views online — where more than 80% of home searches are completed.


These studies show that 47% of professionally photographed homes sold at or above list price. On average, homes sold at between $900 to $116,000 more depending on price category.

Homes also sold several days faster on average, from 4 to 21 days faster. Almost 18% of homes sold within the first six months listed. Imagine what getting back weeks of your time could be worth to you. Now imagine doing that with every listing!


About the photographer


MHE Photographer, Preston Webb, is an Air Force Veteran who served as a Public Affairs Specialist  — documenting and reporting the accomplishments of Airmen around the world during numerous overseas tours and deployments.

Proudly serving the Northwest Missouri region, Missouri Home Exposure LLC provides property owners, realtors, managers and investors with clean, bright and professional images and videos that grant a marketing edge to stand out from the competition.

Preston's extensive experience documenting austere environments in unfavorable conditions gives him a deeper understanding of not just how to take a pleasing photo, but why images communicate what they do; more importantly, why they do not.

This means MHE will not only bring the right tools to get the job done, but provide insight and clarity to  craft the most effective visual information platform available.